VULKAN-NOVA, as one of the Croatian exhibitors at the The 15th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences in Russia, used its participation to establish new partnerships with renowned global companies in the sector, strengthen its position in the propulsive and competitive Russian market and introduce visitors with its long tradition, quality products and professional and experienced employees. Also, latest trends in the industry were presented and the conversations with visitors were held, which is crucial because only through direct contact with the visitors VULKAN-NOVA can truly respond to wishes and needs of costumers as well as their specific ideas and requirements.

The fair, which took place from September 17 to September 20 in St. Petersburg, was a great opportunity for VULKAN-NOVA representative, CEO Rajko Vukelic, to evaluate the advantages of VULKAN-NOVA in comparison to other exhibitors  and to explore the practices and methods they use in maintaining their position in the market in order to use those good strategies in upgrading its business. Through established business contacts VULKAN-NOVA was able to find effective channels through which it can more effectively impose itself on the Russian market and show itself as an ambitious partner ready to explore and adapt its expansion policy to the specificities of individual markets.


In the photo: a model of the almost built shipyard in Vladivostok where VULKAN-NOVA will participate in equipping it.