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Double girder bridge cranes

Double girder bridge cranes are most often applied at production facilities, energy plants, service stations, warehouses, steel mills and other facilities where a transport of heavy loads is required. They are available in spans of up to 30 m and lifting capacity of up to 50 t. Double girder bridge crane can be remote controlled, locally controlled by means of a push button panel or controlled from the cabin. Main girders can be in low, middle or high variant in relation to side girders.

In addition to standard variants we can deliver cranes designed to operate under extreme demanding conditions, such as for foundries, steel mills, refineries, gas filling plants, nuclear power plants as well as other facilities where specific requirements should be met.

We can also offer customized solutions to meet specific customer requests: higher lifting capacity, larger span, frequency converters as well as other requests applicable to transshipment and loading of cargo, such as: material handling machines,magnets, spreader bars and other special cargo handling appliances.

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Tehničke karakteristikeDEMOD