Today’s VULKAN-NOVA d.o.o. was founded under the name SILA at the address Ruziceva street no. 17.

The reason for its foundation lies in the economic situation of that time. In the divided city of Rijeka, after World War I, on the right side of the Rjecina industry was developed, but on the other side operated only the paper factory and the shipyard in Kraljevica. However, the port was developing in Susak, and there was a need for a business that would deal with repairs of ships and equipment on them. In order to avoid repairs in Rijeka and border problems that went with that, or going to the distant Zagreb, a maritime mechanical workshop was opened that would soon work under the name Vulkan. By the World War II about eighty metal workers from this area were working there.

“SILA – Naval Mechanical Works Ivan Petrinović”, according to the register of the District Court in Susak, was founded on September 17 1931. In the same court register, on May 3, 1932, the company was deleted from the register. This shows that was many difficulties at the very beginnings, partly because of the great world crisis that occurred in 1929 and lasted for almost 10 years.

In small production areas , the workshop occupied an area of approximately 1,400 square meters. It consisted of area for mechanical processing of metals, foundry for gray cast iron and painted metals, forge, tinsmith’s workshop and had small department for maintenance and administration. During that period, the workers conducted major reconstruction and installation works, of which is worth mention the partial building and installation of rice peeling company in Susak (1930-1931).



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