In the post-war period, the capacity of the Vulkan greatly increased in the volume of work and types of activities. This has led to cramped and under-equipped workshops and areas for workers. Despite this, the work went smoothly and the workers even received a praise for their work from marshal Tito at the Zagreb Fair.

The relocation to Plumbum (a former lead factory) brought better working conditions. Other than workshops, workers’ halls and canteens were built and a reading room was opened. The opening of a new foundry, which expanded the capacity of the factory, did not solve the key problems: professional workforce, accommodation, training of new workforce, issue with tools etc.

As the capacity of the factory increased, there was a need for additional skilled work labor so a large number of students were employed and a training course for semi-skilled workers was organized. However, due to insufficient effort, the course was not completed and the students complained that there was not enough time to train them to operate the machines.

Consequently, the factory could not fulfill the production plan. The main accountable for that was considered to be a trade union branch because its task was to solve the problem of work indiscipline such as being late to work and unjustified absence from work. The newspaper Riječki list stated that this had to be solved by introducing a clearly structured training course for unqualified workers, and attendants should be selected among the best workers who have the ambition for promotion. Also, better organization of work should be achieved by introducing a brigade system and standardizing of jobs. The above mentioned problems were present in other Rijeka’s factories and solution was also expected from trade union branches, which implemented the measures poorly.



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